Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Covenant for Human Rights and Dignity Scroll Project

The Covenant 
Human Rights and Dignity Scroll Project
The journey towards insuring the basic human rights and dignity for all of God's people has been a fragile and complex one. 
Since the later half of the twentieth century, much progress has been made in the protecting of basic human rights and human dignity and also in an expansion in the understanding and applications of these concepts. 
Despite our growth in understanding the needs for protecting the human rights and dignity for all comes under many forms of threats - both indirect and direct.
The goal of this ecumenical and non-partisan Covenant for Human Rights and Dignity Scroll is to provide an opportunity for all peoples of good will to recommit themselves to the cause for Human Rights and Dignity.
We also wish to reach out and invite our young people - the generation of the future to embrace the work of previous generations to build a contemporary understanding of the importance of Human Rights and Dignity.
It is our hope that this traveling Scroll will remind society of it sacred Stewardship entrusted to us by God.
This Scroll shall bear the names of all who are committed to the work of protecting the Human Rights and Dignity of all God's Children.
 For those who wish to have their names added to the Scroll prior to having the opportunity of signing it in person, we invite you to send us a letter authorizing us to add your name. To insure authentic requests are processed, letters can be sent to us as an attached file via email at

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