Friday, December 14, 2012

Pope bestows Blessings upon Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament

After ending my canonical relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, I promised myself that I would never engage in any form of "bad-mouthing" the jurisdiction I once belonged to and I re-affirmed that promise after I became a bishop within the Evangelical Catholic Church.

Today I read a news story that is forcing me to go back on that promise.

John Becker recently wrote a story in the Huffington Post titled: "Pope Blesses Uganda's Top "Kill the Gays" Lawmaker"  Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament was in Rome with a delegation of Ugandan lawmakers.  Speaker Kadaga has proposed "Kill the Gays" legislation in the Ugandan Parliament and hopes to see it past before the end of this year.

Upon presenting Pope Benedict XVI with a gift, Speaker Kadaga received a Papal Blessing from the Pope. Let me repeat this:  The Bishop of Rome publicly bestowed a Papal Blessing to a political leader working to enact a Holocaust of gay and lesbian Ugandans.  

As a result, Speaker Kadaga can now return to Uganda with pictures of her receiving her Papal Blessings and use it as a tool to push through her "Kill the Gays" legislation.  

Where is the outrage?  Why have so many voices elected to remain silent - just as they did so many years ago when Hitler came to power. 

Benedict XVI has sent a clear message to the world.  Will there be a response? 

This is just beyond me.

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  1. Mr. Milkowski,

    The oath of a man is not something that should be taken lightly or discarded over a charade.

    If your integrity called you to perform even the slightest research on the issue, I am sure you would have learned that the bill was not proposed by Kadaga. You may also have learned that the bill she does defend does not, in any way, propose the killing of homosexuals.

    Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence that the Pope gave a blessing to Kadaga. She was in a line of people to greet the Pope and had about 20 seconds to say hello, kiss his ring, and move along.

    So, not only have you broken your promise, you have broken it over a hoax.