Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Next Bishop Cary, the Kool-Aid?

During the slow process of desegregation in Chicago, I saw remarkable responses from homeowners to their new and unwanted neighbors moving in next door to them.

Some homeowners built eight foot brick or cinder-block walls along their property lines.  Some had glass block windows installed on the “bad” side of their homes.  Guard dogs living in outdoor doghouses become popular.  My family and I had a neighbor who put up bars over their windows and had two new steel doors installed each with five deadbolts for each door.  A cloistered convent was less fortified from keeping the outside world out than our neighbors did for their house.

Over the past forty years, new owners of these properties have taken down these walls and have restored the homes and properties to their original states and the neighborhoods once again looks like their original selves.  

Over 60 years ago during the Allied stewardship of Germany after WWII, the Soviet controlled region of East Berlin became worried over the flow of doctors, lawyers, scientists and engineers fleeing East Berlin for the western sector.  To stop what was called back then as the “brain drain” from East Berlin, the communists erected the infamous Berlin Wall – not to keep people out, but to keep people in.

What has revived these images in my mind have been some phone calls from our new friends in Bend Oregon who are supporting the efforts being undertaken by the Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest – in union with the desires of the laity – to establish a new mission parish somewhere in the greater Bend area.  These phone calls have been to share with me the latest hyper-reactive responses by Bishop Liam Cary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bake Oregon regarding the new parish of the Evangelical Catholic Church moving into the neighborhood.

As the days draw closer to the weekend of June 6th, 2014, when I travel to visit Bend to discuss the new parish and to engage the good people in a Q&A about the Evangelical Catholic Church, Bishop Cary has begun erecting his own Berlin Wall to prevent anyone from his flock from leaving his jurisdiction to consider the jurisdiction of the Evangelical Catholic Church.

For those just joining in on this saga, let me take a moment to catch you up.

The Evangelical Catholic Church and its Diocese of the Northwest has accepted Father James Radloff, former priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bend, into our jurisdiction and is now a candidate for Clerical Incardination as a Priest within our Church.  The gruesome details for the reasons why Father Radloff has come to the Evangelical Catholic Church have been documented by Dan Morris-Young of the National Catholic Reporter.  I urge those who have not to read Mr. Morris-Young’s stories to consider doing so..

After Father Radloff’s resignation from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baker, a significant number of individuals and families who Father Radloff has cared for over the years as their pastor have indicated their wishes for a new parish to be established by the Evangelical Catholic Church in the Bend community.  While Bishop Cary was happy to be rid of Father Radloff, he is not happy with the increasing loss of people and their wallets crossing the street to become part of the new parish community.

Now that everyone is caught up………

In responding to the ECC coming to his neighborhood, Bishop Cary is trumpeting in various keys that the only “true” church in which one can gain eternal salvation is the Roman Catholic Church.  In addition to his trumpet solo, Bishop Cary plans to bring into the score the Roman Catholic Code of Canon Law to outline the possible punishments for those may be tempted to cross the street to visit our parish.

So much for Cary’s fidelity to Vatican II.

Bishop Cary’s actions reminds me of the Stephen King mystery, “The Dome.”  As Cary drops his ecclesial dome over the Diocese of Baker does he sincerely believe this will bring an end to his paranoia over having a some of his people cross the street to the Evangelical Catholic Church?  Left unchecked, any form of paranoia or neurosis can result in more pronounced unhealthy behaviors - especially if nobody on Cary’s staff has the backbone to sit him down and talk some sense into him.  I am prepared to welcome Bishop Cary for a one-on-one visit during my visit to Bend.  Maybe he and I can work through his anger and fears about the Evangelical Catholic Church.  I respectfully want to say to Bishop Cary, "We are not your enemy.  Why choose to be ours?"

For the umpteenth time, the Evangelical Catholic Church is prohibited by policy and tradition from stealing anyone from their houses of worship. We believe that both jurisdictions can co-exist without any difficulties. Yet Cary is fortifying his boundaries in preparation for an all out invasion by an Army of Satan.  Unless he is offered some sound pastoral advice, what else might Bishop Cary considering doing?   The time has now come for this independently-produced drama to come to an end before it brings more scandal to the Roman Catholic Episcopacy. 

My only warning would be to all of the good members of the many Roman Catholic parishes of the Diocese of Baker is this:  If you see deliveries trucks bringing Kool-Aid to your parish, avoid the Chalice at the next Mass.


  1. Mark's Gospel
    And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature
    He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
    The great commission is not limited by ecclesiastical jurisdiction. I am a former Roman Catholic now a member pic the Episcopal Church, and I am called as well by the great commission. Jesus didn't say "Just Rome has the prerogative" He commanded all his followers. . So go bishop James. The people of God are calling you. You're endeavors will be remembered in my prayers esp. At the Daily Office. PAX TECUM. Jesse Snider

  2. As a convert to the Roman Catholic Church in the Baker Diocese, I am greatly saddened by your article Bishop Wilkowski and your attempt at painting our bishop as a tyrannical leader. He is a kind and gentle shepherd leading his flock in unity with the church Christ established 2000 years ago. He established One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. He then claimed he would be with it till the end of the age. To say he has left it is to call him a liar. You can not change the Truth, just because you don't agree with it, through the centuries heretics have tried but the Holy Spirit gently guides and protects the Deposit of Faith. To sever yourselves from the Chair of Peter only continues a long line of protesters that began with Martin Luther. We will continue to pray for you especially Father James Radloff. The price to pay for leading so many from the True Roman Catholic Church will be high and I pray that you see the error of your ways.

    And let us only hope that the defaming articles like the one above comparing Bishop Liam Cary to a Stephan King Thriller novel will not continue. We will see if this post remains posted or even shows up on this blog.