Friday, October 26, 2012

John Sununu and John McCain owe Colin Powell an apology

Talk about a bad case of follow the leader.

Nothing I ever studied in Political Science has prepared me for what I have been witnessing during this week of the Presidential Campaign

Earlier this week, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu a member of the Romney Presidential Campaign denounced Gen. Colin Powell's endorsement of President Obama's reelection as President.  Governor Sununu's remarked on CNN that Powell was endorsing Obama "because he is black."  Today, former "maverick" Sen. John McCain R-AZ pounced on Gen. Powell for his endorsement and called for Powell's excommunication from the Republican Party.

Throughout this campaign, racism has been a significant undercurrent kept just below the surface, but publicly expressed with many "code words."  Now it seems that the racism of Sununu and others are like a volcano that has to explode from time to time and this week has been the week of the racist volcano.

One would hope that we have come to a point in American History, emotional maturity and spirituality whereby racism, like polio had all but been eliminated from our lives.

If we don't eliminate racism from our politics now - when?  

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