Saturday, December 24, 2011

Comments by Francis Cardinal George inconsistent with Theology of Social Justice and Peace

The Theology of Social Justice and Peace advocates the responsibility of all branches of the Catholic faith to provide the voice and, if necessary, the physical presence to counter any and all attempts to deny or prevent any person from their God-given rights and dignity.

With all due respect, I believe that Cardinal George’s comments, equating advocates of human rights for gays and lesbians with the KKK, have failed to witness these values and obligations which are held sacred by all catholic jurisdictions.

Sometimes these actions must go beyond writing letters to the Editors or posting personal Blogs. It is the baptismal obligations of all Catholics, regardless of their jurisdiction to sometimes take strong and proactive stances to fight all forms of injustice to others.

The history of the pastoral administration of the Catholic faith is permanently stained by its many past acts of social prejudices and even the murders of others in the ‘name of the faith.’ These past sins of our shared history must be atoned for by this generation of all branches of Catholicism through the embracement of the sacredness rooted in the Theology of Social Justice and Peace.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior, we need not compare those who advocate peace and justice within the Kingdom of God on Earth to the KKK. We need to compare the faith of these advocates, these modern workers in the vineyard - to that of our Holy Family.

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