Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dr. Paul Chemello, DO - Friend and Doctor

Sometimes the roles our doctors, nurses and medical techs can easily be taken for granted. They are individuals whom we have to encounter when we are either ill or have a loved one who is ill.

I simply wish to take this opportunity to extend a happy 50th birthday to someone who have been a healer and friend to me and my family.

I first met Dr. Paul Chemello just prior to my ordination as priest in 1997. During those years, Paul Chemello has not only been our family physican but he has also become a friend. His skills as a doctor provided my mother an additional year of quality of life before we lost her to cancer.

In 2007, it was Paul Chemello who knew me well enough and could read me well enough to make me sit still and undergo and electrocardiogram which discovered that I was in need of quintuple heart bypass surgery. Had it not been for his keen eye and ears, this blog would be written today.

And finally, Paul Chemello is a someone who suffers with grace my particular dry and wry form of humor - and is willing to one-up me from time to time.

So to my friend and doctor, Paul Chemello - I extend, in friendship and gratitude, a very best 50th birthday.

And may all his days be spared from Purple.

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