Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Sad State of Affairs in Arizona

As a student of politics and political science, I am amazed as to what human rights issues become bogged down in political partianship.

In recent months, the fate of Arizonians awaiting organ transplants have been held hostage in the hands of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R).

It is the position of Governor Brewer that the current status of the Arizona state budget has "forced" Governor Brewer to no longer fund Arizona Transplant Coverage.

I do not believe that one American citizen can deny the fact that our country continues to be in serious financial distress and our state and federal governments are struggling to find ways to deal wth these problems.

In recent times, the political establishment of Arizona have offered proposals and ideas which, in all Christian charity, have given the rest of the county moments of pause and confusion. But Governor Brewer's decision to condemn the fates of transplant patients to death crosses all lines of social morality and political decency. As of the date of this posting two patients awaiting life saving transplants have died at the hands of Governor Brewer. I wonder how many more will have to die because of Governor Brewer's politics?

Governor Brewer's official bio states that she is a member of the Christ Lutheran Church. To the best of my recollection, the Lutheran Church accepts the commandment that "Thou Shall Not Kill." I wonder how Governor Brewer reconciles this fact. One of the chief talking points of the Republican Party has been their dedication for the "Right to Life." I wonder how Governor Brewer and the Arizona Republican Party reconciles this fact.

For those families who have lost their loved ones due to the politics of Governor Jan Brewer, I offer this suggestion to them: Send the bill for the funerals of your loved ones to her.

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