Friday, April 16, 2010

....Some Additional Thoughts: Ending Anonymous Blogs and Bloggers

My previous article spoke to the tragic case of Phoebe Prince. I chose to limit my observations only to her particular case and no to meander off with countless side points.

After publishing the last article, I spent some additional time visiting several "blogs," which represents the lowest levels of human and social ignorance I have seen to date. Because I agree with those psychologists who believe that what these anonymous bloggers crave the feedback of outrage they receive from those who are functioning at a higher emotional and psychological level.

It would be interesting to research the question of the number of anonymous trash blogs v. those which strives for serious conversation and education. Just from my casual stroll through blog land, I found the numbers of trash blogs outnumbering the rest.

Since the majority of the anonymous trash blogs seems to have been created solely for the purposes of racism, character assassination and vicious gossip and lies - the question thus being begged is how our laws regarding slander and libel are not being applied to internet bloggers?

As a teacher of American History, I will defend the right of any person to express their political and social beliefs. But I cannot - nor do I believe that most psychologically healthy people - can accept the anonymous trash being posted on blogs.

I realize that my frustrations are mostly in vain because of the emotional illnesses of our anonymous trash bloggers. But I do believe that my frustrations about these anonymous bloggers escaping accountability for their actions are justified.

I wish there was a legal way to end to option of anonymous blogging. If none exists today, maybe we can work towards ending the option.

How much more enjoyable the internet could be without the trash.

Sincerely Yours in Chirst,

+James Alan Wilkowski

Evangelical Catholic Bishop for the Diocese of the Northwest
Presiding Bishop for the Evangelical Catholic Church

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  1. I recently received this advice from a friend:

    "It is an especially good idea for you to remain professional since anyone who reads three sentences of that (offending)Blog will see that whoever that is, is a total nutcase. When in doubt, I always ignore or take the high road--people see the difference"

    The trend with these anonymous trash bloggers is to push as far as possible and then burnout and quit. Professionalism, longevity and original content are what separates the trash bloggers from the real deal.